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Internet connection – these two words have become a regular part of our family and conversations during dinner. It has, in a way, become a necessity and a part of our household budget every month. Many families have added internet service providers in their list of regular payables, and you can see those black (or white) modem and router boxes somewhere around the house.

Why has the internet suddenly become so important to us? We’ve seen all the critiques given about how technology has taken over dinner conversations and human interactions but is it all really that bad? No, it’s not. The internet is a tool, and it is up to us to use it wisely. How does the internet help every member of your family? Here’s how.

The dads

Gone are the days when dads would stay in the entertainment room to watch their favorite sports. Gone are the days when dads would spread out those large newspapers during coffee.

Although they are the last part of the household to adopt this technology, the internet has already become a regular part of most dads’ lives.

The moms

Even though moms are known to be the strict administrator of browsing safe websites and restricting the unwanted sites, they have a great use for the internet themselves. Online shopping, online banking, and researching new recipes for dinner – these are only a few of the reasons why mom stays in front of the computer longer than necessary. They are way past playing Candy Crush and Plants vs Zombies.

The sons

The sons are commonly the most active user of the internet at home – a close competition with the daughters. How can your son use the internet? Aside from researching about their homework and studying, sons of the household use the internet for social media surfing and online gaming, which are actually great ways to make them stay at home.

The daughters

As we said, daughters have a close fight with the sons in being the most active internet users in a household.

Doing homework and research are common reasons, but mostly the top reason for daughters to use the internet is to browse social media and research about the latest fashion trends for girls.

The youngest

Babies of the household won’t lose without a fight on home internet usage. You’d be surprised at how young kids learn to use the internet, sometimes even before they can walk. Thanks to Barney, Dora and other educational videos on Youtube, the youngest in our families learn faster.

Even the pets

Not exactly ridiculous. Pets do not really use the internet themselves. The pet owners, however, use the internet widely to research and learn more about this member of the family.

So you see, the internet is actually a good thing (as if you need more convincing?). There are many benefits you can gain from adding internet service to your home. It may be a lot to take because we lived in the “in-between” generation, but true enough, the internet is the one part of the technology that is a useful daily necessity for your family.

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