Tips for Beginners in Blogging

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Blogging has been a main thing over the internet these years because it becomes an avenue for spreading information, communication to the people. Almost everyone today has access to the internet and there are millions of blog sites created and visited by the general public.  Blogging is also the perfect opportunity to earn money while just expressing yourself and write whatever is on your mind.

As a beginner, fluke blogging is a no-no. Most bloggers want their website to be known and space to earn money. Although it may take a while to have a famous blog website and earn money, a good foundation is a must for beginner bloggers.

Choose a blogging platform

If you try to take a survey or research about which platform is best when making a blog site, WordPress is always the answer. It is the biggest blogging platform website and a lot of bloggers benefit from it because of the add-ons, plugins, and different layouts you can use for your blog.

But if you want a more personalized blog it is a different story. You have to decide whether you pay for the website or just grab the free one. The downside of having free blog hosting can mean having an ugly URL address.

Understand your target audience and get ideas from them

Most of the successful blog websites stick to one topic like fashion, food reviews, travel, news, and many others. The trick to having good content in your blog is to determine the target audience. Are you targeting people who are into fashion? Or those who are looking for vegan or healthy recipes? Or are you there to talk about lifestyle? These are the questions you need to consider before writing an entry on your blog site. If you understand your audience, then ideas open up and entries will just keep flowing.

Write for yourself

In blogging, the audience wants to read something that they can relate to the topic and not just an entry that has been taken out of the textbook.  And the only way to pull that off successfully is to write for yourself.  Don’t write stiff entries.

Instead, write as you talk. It has an “approachable feel” and it makes them feel like they are actually reading an entry from a normal person and not a robot. So don’t be afraid to express yourself, make sarcasm or puns. People like it.  And they may visit often.

And once you are done with the entry, always check and edit your grammar, spellings, and subject-verb agreement.

Do not plagiarize

Plagiarism is a serious offense and you can be penalized for it. Make your article unique although you have the idea and some inputs from friends, co-bloggers, and even a random source over the internet. It is very easy to detect a plagiarized entry or even a few sentences because the tone of the topic suddenly becomes off. Always learn to cite your sources. Don’t be afraid that you got your inspiration from a certain person/people and don’t be shy to mention them in your blog. You can use a hyperlink so that visitors can easily be redirected to other sources.

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