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As a writer, you’re adept at putting together words that can change the readers’ minds about products and services. It’s therefore your responsibility to create a post or an article that’s relevant and well-researched. Unfortunately, with the number of content mills out there, most writers are contented to stick to a $1.00 rate for a 500-word article and submit substandard work.

Stop what you’re doing for a few minutes and read this article on how you can work better, get paid more, and finally, be valuable to your readers.

Put a Fair Price on Your Work

How much time do you need to work on a 300-word article? An hour or more? To an experienced writer that’s usually the amount of time, they spend on a short post. Freelance writers who are associated with content mills are usually paid less than writers who actually put an emphasis on quality work.

Suffice to say, avoid SEO companies who will pay you to write 5000 words a day for a meager salary. Aside from wasting your time on low pay, they’re probably companies who don’t value the written word and will not care if your grammar sucks.

Write Well to Write Better

Do you often hear writers who say that the more you write, the more you’ll likely improve your skills? They’re right in some ways, but you also have to take note that writing better does not mean writing mindlessly. Even if you’re a ghostwriter, it’s important that all your articles are well-researched. Think about your readers who are searching for answers on the Internet. If they come across a hastily-written article you wrote and actually believed the misinformation, the company you’re writing for is going to be in a lot of trouble.

Take Time to Edit

Yes, it takes a lot of effort and time to edit your own work as you may be too harsh and critical. But it’s also essential to ensure that you don’t have misspellings or used words in a totally different context.

Clients appreciate writers who submit a well-written, flawless article in a timely manner so be sure to give your best on each job or project. Discuss time frames as well when accepting writing jobs.

Don’t Aim for a Niche Just Yet

You might find yourself writing for the same clients over and over again. Although this is not entirely a bad thing, you might want to break free every now and then. Don’t be scared to explore topics that can pique your interest. There are a variety of categories that you might be interested to work on: from food and clothes to more complex topics like web design and SEO. If you have experience in those industries, why not discover what you can write about?

Be Passionate

It’s important that you actually love what you’re doing. Content and copywriters are one of the highest-paid freelancers because of their skills and the need for them. If you’re just in it for the money, you’re not going to survive in this highly competitive field.

Lastly, value the clients you’re working for. Every great freelancer understands the importance of taking care of their clients and you should as well. Whether you’re writing content or simply writing product descriptions, make sure that you’re writing with passion.

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