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You are surely familiar with the generic comment, “great post!” It can be seen in the comment area of blogs, and this statement is generally followed by a link back to the commenter’s site. What’s wrong with this type of comment is that you’re not even sure if the person really read the article; or if the comment was merely left for linking purposes. While some webmasters may approve comments like this, others will just delete them or mark them as spam. If you really want to make good comments on reputable blog sites so that you can include a link back to your blog, you should at least work on leaving a good statement.

Great Post! (Yeah Right!)

Leaving a statement like “great post” on the comment section of a blog will give you about a 50-50 percent chance of having that remark approved. Comments are moderated, and discriminating website owners wouldn’t appreciate statements like this so much as they are not even sure if these are left by real people or by robots.

Moreover, this type of remark will not really contribute much to the article that’s supposed to be “great.” And even if such a comment is approved, you can’t expect anything more than a backlink to your site.

What Makes a Good Comment

A good comment will add something to the article that has just been read. If it has helped you, for example, it would be good to explain how and why the article has been useful. Note that you don’t need to repeat what’s already been said in the post, but relevant things should be added to it for continuity. This way, the webmaster will know that you have really read the article and appreciate the gesture by approving it. You might even be asked for a guest post wherein you can include more backlinks to your website. And this is really helpful to you if the blog is of high quality.

Even other readers will find your comments note-worthy and they may decide to check on your own blog. And that provides for a source of traffic too. So your one useful comment will earn you links, traffic, readers, and a good reputation. What more can you ask for?

Blogs About Products and Services

If you are commenting about blogs that cover products and services, you can share your opinions by talking about your experiences with the goods and services being discussed in the article.

You can also compare these with other brands and competitors so as to add value to the discussion and help other readers decide which type or model to go for. You can also opt to provide additional links that other readers may also find useful.

Good Comments Can Build Long-Lasting Connections

Leaving good and valuable comments can indeed leave a great impact on blogs, and you will also gain a good reputation for this. And that’s really what commenting is all about, as it is meant to help others. Please don’t use the comment platform as just a way to build backlinks, as this is simply a rude Internet practice.

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