Tips to Prevent Website Hackers

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Hackers are usually on the prowl for their next victim over the internet. They hack and steal all vital information and sell it for their own gain. Sometimes, they even steal your most valuable information like credit card numbers and social security numbers. This can be destructive to you as an online businessman. Hence, protecting your website is very crucial. Here are some of the best security tips to protect your website.

Keep Your Software Updated

Although it is already obvious that you need to update your software, there are still others that are very hardheaded to think that their own computers are already safe with their high tech hardware.

In fact, hackers rely heavily on the software programs that they keep on updating in order to beat the computer hence gaining a portal of entry into your website. By keeping your software updated, you beat them at their own game.

Error Messages

Always be on the lookout for error messages you send out to your users especially during login sessions. Make sure that you are not giving away half the information when someone fails to log into their account. For example, when a person logs in and fails, you should use generic messages like “Incorrect username or password.” This way, you do not let hackers have the idea instead, you confuse them even further.


Always tell your users to use complex passwords in order to prevent them from getting hacked. Complex passwords include a capital letter and a series of words and numbers.

This way, it would be difficult for anyone to guess the password. Make sure that you also encourage your users to use intimate words or numbers as passwords.

Uploading Images

Make sure that your users cannot upload files especially those suspicious ones. Uploading files can also be tagged by hackers and end up piggybacking on the files being upload to the website to pass through the security system. This can be very destructive to the website. Although there are some ways to prevent these suspicious images from ever being uploaded to your website, it is much better to disable uploading images altogether.

Website Security Tools

There are hundreds of website security tools that you can find. There are many commercial products but if you want there are also free products to help you get a good grasp on what a website security kit is all about.

Once you know how these tools run, it is best that you actually invest in some of them in order to continue working with your website.

These are just a few of the simple tips that any online businessman should know. Setting up a website might be easy but maintaining its integrity especially for your users is difficult. You will need to consume time and effort in protecting your own website along with your users. These tips might not be sufficient for you but it will be a good starting point to get a strong grasp on internet security.

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