Tips to Putting Affiliate Links and Ads in Your Blog

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Some Affiliate Marketers think that putting affiliate links and ads in their posts or blogs is just a simple process. But the truth of the matter is that there are rules and regulations to this, and there are also dos and don’ts in the way these links and advertisements are placed inside a website.

Putting these Links in Articles

Your posts would look spammy if there are those types of links scattered everywhere. It can be very irritating to the readers too.

Would you like it if you were reading an article and every few sentences you will see phrases like “Buy Now,” “Click Here to Purchase,” “Shop Now,” etc.? Those phrases are distracting; and if your visitors get annoyed, they will choose to leave your website instead.

While it’s acceptable to place links on your site, this should be done in a subtle way. So if you are an affiliate of, for example, you can encourage your readers to buy stuff from the site without being pushy. You can do this by sprinkling them evenly on your post and using regular fonts, as much as possible. This way, your readers will not be distracted by the links.

Affiliate Ads on Your Blog

Affiliate ads are commonly placed on the sidebars of a website. And sometimes, affiliate marketers abuse the sidebars by putting as many ads as they possibly can to fill up all the spots.

Themes with 3 columns particularly look bad when ads are located on the left and right as it makes it look like a circus or an amusement park. This can turn off some visitors like your site will not look that credible.

How Search Engines See these Links

Internet Marketers sometimes overlook the fact that search engines can also see these on their websites. And with too much going on, search engines can look at it as a spam site. Now you wouldn’t want to displease the search engine bots right? This can put your blog at risk of falling out of rank. Just a few banner ads will suffice; that is if you want to be careful about being accused of spamming the Internet.

It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

It can come in the form of pictures or texts. And it would be wise to use a combination of both so as to have a natural balance within your website. You can also adopt a one percent density for this, just to have a guide.

So typically, there could be an affiliate link at the beginning of the post, around the middle part, and at the end. And if it’s really a long article, then you can put some more just to make it accessible to your potential customers.

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