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The popularity of online jobs has been rapidly increasing in the past few years.

The convenience of working from home, flexible hours, and competitive salary rates are amongst the reasons why a lot of people are turning their back from the corporate world and digging their hands into freelancing.

If a freelancing job sounds appealing to you and you want to try your luck in online job hunting, these are the best platform where you can find vast demands for online jobs.


Are you an elite digital designer or software engineer?

If so, Toptal is the best platform for you. You have to go through a rigid screening process as they only accept the top 3 percent talent in multiple categories. Once accepted though, you get to join the exclusive elite of experts in the field

Aside from the flexibility of Toptal in letting you select if you want to work full time, part-time or hourly, you are confident that you always have a steady supply of reliable clients and projects as the site also screen clients.


This site is the largest network for freelancers and was formed in 2014 when oDesk and Elance, the two leading freelance networks, merged together and formed Upwork. It offers a wide range of jobs for everyone, from architects to writers to photographers and legal aides with its 4 million clients and 3 million jobs posted every year.

You have the liberty to select short-term or long-term projects or if you want to be paid per project or by the hour.

99 Designs

If you are a designer who wants to master your talent, this site is made especially for you.

As the name suggests, the platform is only exclusive for designers. Unlike most platforms where clients would have to browse through catalogs of resumes and portfolios, 99 Designs let their clients crowdsource their projects.

They would need to post their project with instructions and a budget. Designers would then submit their work based on the project description. The client chooses the best designer to do the project based on the work submitted.


This is a platform created for web projects related skills, such as digital designers, software engineers, marketers, and SEO specialists.

WorkStream, a tool featured by the site, makes your life easier by setting up management and communication, as well as organizing payment. What’s great about this site is that you get updated by new openings as you receive notifications to your inbox of recent jobs posted.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Are you a budding writer that wants to expand your writing career?

Sign up for this site and be up to date with freelance writing and blogging jobs. Job offers vary from topics related to healthcare and photography, technical writing, content writing, and a lot more.

No matter what field you are in, there is always a platform where you can get jobs that are in line with your specialty. Check out these websites and be a rock star in the freelancing world.

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