Top Reasons Why Your Site Isn’t Earning

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Have you set up a site and wonder why it’s not earning at all? Well, there are thousands of websites on the Internet, and not every one of them is making money. In fact, statistics say that only about 10 percent of online businesses are really successful, and the others are barely earning anything. If you belong to the 90 percent that’s not making money on the Internet, though, it’s still too early to throw in the towel. If you know the reasons why your site is not doing well on the earning part, then maybe you can fix things up so as to make it work for the better.

SEO and Content

You should know the value of SEO if you are a full-time Internet Marketer. Without this, it’s impossible to monetize your website. Search Engine Optimization is very much needed in order for your site to rank, and having a good rank is one of the best sources of traffic for your website.

Content is just as important as SEO. When your site starts getting traffic through your SEO efforts, it’s the content of your website that will attract visitors and make them want to stay within your pages. That’s why your articles need to be well written and engaging so that your readers will find them useful and beneficial.

Design and Load Up Time

Your website’s design can also affect your company’s earning potential since it’s a welcoming platform to your visitors. Think of it as your storefront if you are not working online. It needs to be presentable and user-friendly; not cluttered and confusing.

So take the time to choose the right colors and format for the design of your site, as you wouldn’t want to scare your visitors away.

Needless to say, your site’s load-up time is important too. You experience this yourself with other websites; if it’s taking too long to load up, you just basically go to another website for the information that you’re seeking.

No, you wouldn’t want your site visitors to get frustrated with your website’s load-up time. That’s why you need to choose a reputable host that can offer the type of bandwidth for fast load-up times. And it would also help to minimize graphics, plugins, and other large files that can slow down the system.

Title and Meta Description

Not using proper titles and Meta descriptions can also lead to low sales or no sales at all. For the sake of the search engines, you need to employ keywords that will truly represent your niche. And for the sake of your readers, providing the appropriate Meta description would help a lot too. An article’s Meta description can prove to be attractive, especially if it points out things that are beneficial to your potential customers.

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