Top SEO Practices That Should Be Avoided

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Not all SEO practices can be good for your website. And for this reason, one’s awareness should be raised as to which practices are really beneficial and which ones can actually harm your site. This is especially true if you are running an online business, as you would certainly want to rank on the search engines and earn money too. But some SEO practices can affect the outcome of your goal, as they can have a negative impact on your rating and overall standing as far as getting better ranking and traffic.

Commenting for the Sake of Getting Backlinks

Commenting to get backlinks is an age-old practice that has continued to dominate the backlinking strategies of a majority of Internet Marketers. But even though a lot of people are testifying its effectiveness, it has become quite controversial as of late too.

First of all, you need to make sure that the blog that you’re commenting on is of high quality so that all the work you put into it (submitting a good article, waiting for it to be approved, etc.) will not go to waste.

This method has become quite controversial because of the emergence of the negative SEO strategy which allowed competing businessmen to direct bad links to other Internet Marketers. By commenting on low-quality sites (porn sites, gambling sites, etc.), a bad link can be sent to a website by its competitor.

That’s why search engines are now putting very little weight on this method as far as backlinking is concerned. For traffic purposes, however, this system can still help with your site’s marketing campaign.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a terrible SEO practice, but a lot of Internet Marketers are still doing it to dominate the search engine rankings. Anything beyond the 2 percent margin for the main keywords can prove to be dangerous, as an unnatural-sounding article can trigger the spam filters that are built into search engines. If you are using related keywords, however, you can use up to around 4 percent keyword density just to let the search engines know what your article and site are all about.

Buying Links

Buying links from high PR websites and being included in their blogrolls can be considered a normal practice among Internet Marketers. And this method can prove to be effective as a high-ranking website can somehow transfer its authority to your blog when they point a backlink to your site.

However, all the major search engines hate this method; and they will penalize any website that’s caught doing this. So if you are going to employ this system of buying links, you should at least be careful about it by making your steps and methods as discreet and unnoticed as much as possible.

Not All SEO Practices are Good

As you can see, not all SEO practices can benefit your website. In fact, some well-known practices can even cause the downfall of your online business. By becoming aware of the risks involved in employing certain techniques, you will be able to gauge the pros and cons of using SEO strategies when building up and monetizing your site.

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