Tried and Tested Ways to Market Your Website

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Now that you have the guts to create your own website, the problem now is what are you going to do? There are still challenges in maintaining and promoting a website especially if you want your website to bring in more traffic. Here are several proven ways to drive traffic to your website through promotions.

1. Search Engine Optimization

The one thing that website owners should know is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization or SEO is a process wherein you increase your website’s visibility through optimizing the page with the help of keywords strategically placed inside the content of your website. When people search for these keywords, the search engine will most likely put your website as its priority so that you can see your website at the top of the search list.

One can be highly successful with using SEO alone but it will take some time before the search engine can detect your content. However, you can increase the traffic to your website further by adding backlinks around your other webpages as well.

2. Write More Blogs

By writing original content on your website, you increase the chances of getting new visitors to your site. One must be able to write in high quality with the right set of keywords along with the article in order to increase the odds. The more you write original content for your website, the more you set yourself apart from the competition.

Your website becomes unique and search engines love unique websites. You can even try to guest blog from other websites. Just don’t forget to add your profile at the end of your post so that people will have a way back to your official website.

3. Social Media

Another great way to promote your website and increase traffic is through the use of social media. In today’s world, social media is the new norm of communication over the internet. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are great avenues for people to advertise their websites along with the products. You can tap into the power of social media especially on Facebook through Facebook ads. There are millions of people who log into Facebook every day and it would be a waste of an opportunity to tap into such a large source of people who can be interested in your website.

4. YouTube

If Facebook is not your thing, then YouTube brings another set of options to the table. YouTube is an online video-sharing website that allows you to embed your videos to your website. This will help you come up with new ways to draw traffic and promote your website.

When people come across your video, you need to have a link to your official website so that they can easily visit it. One can even promote the products or the website itself by making videos as a marketing strategy. You cannot go wrong with YouTube. And it’s actually FREE!

5. Email Marketing

Another great way to engage your customers is through email marketing. Before that, you need to give them a reason to subscribe to your content. You can always give them an enticing reward for doing so. Once they are subscribed, you need to pump out a lot of unique and interesting original content so that they will not unsubscribe from your website.

These are just a few basic ways on how you can promote your website without spending too much money. This is a great way for starters to really get into the world of e-commerce.

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