What are Plagiarism Tools?

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As the name suggests, plagiarism tools will be able to detect any unoriginal content on the internet. This is a serious case, as it is against the law and it violates internet rules too.

Why is Plagiarism Frowned Upon?

Nobody likes their work copied without giving due recognition to them as the original author. And this is quite common on the internet as some writers are copying articles to come up with content for their sites. They think that they can get away with it but there are built-in plagiarism checkers on the web and search engines will be able to detect duplicate content when they see it.

Needless to say, those sites with duplicate contents can be penalized. The penalty can take the form of a low page ranking, or the site can even be de-indexed totally. For this reason, webmasters are particularly careful about the articles that they publish on their sites. They know that if they put in copied materials, they will suffer the consequences sooner or later.

Check Your Work With a Plagiarism Tool

If you are an article writer, then you should be familiar with plagiarism tools. This is one of the most important tools that you should have as your work involves researching and reading articles on the web. And sometimes, using a particular article as your reference can result in duplicate content. Yes, the filters on the internet are very sensitive, and if it sees 3 words in succession copied from the original content, it will be tagged as a duplicate content.

If you check your articles with a plagiarism tool, then you can be sure that your article is one hundred percent unique and original. This will allow you to post your article without worrying about being penalized and your clients will also like your work when they see that it has passed the plagiarism checker.

How to Use a Plagiarism Tool

Plagiarism tools are very easy to use. All you have to do is post your article’s content on the tool’s interface and it will do a search for you. It will then show the results of the search in just a few seconds and you will be able to see if it has found some matching contents with other sites.

When it shows up some results, you need to check on this to see the matching portions with your article. Usually, paraphrasing and deleting a few words will fix the problem immediately.

Say No to Duplicate Content

Writers should be honest and they should do their part in providing the world with useful and unique articles. By doing your best in writing original materials and checking these with a plagiarism tool, you can be sure that all your works will come out unique and original. Not only will the search engines love you for it, but your employers will also appreciate your effort and honesty.

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