What to Do if Your Blog is Not Earning Money

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All Internet Marketers dream of earning big online. It’s the main reason why they are building online businesses and investing money for their success. But sadly, not all IMs are able to achieve their goals. They set up blogs and websites hoping that these will earn; but then, it may turn out that their sites are not money-earners at all. What should you do then if your blog is not making money?

Sell Your Website

Instead of just abandoning your website, you can put it up for sale at an auction site. Internet Marketplaces like Flippa buy and sell sites, and you can have your blog listed there for free. You can go to the site and register and just follow the rules on how to put up a website for auction. You will then receive bids so that you can negotiate on the price of it.

A lot of people are actually interested in buying old blogs and sites even if these aren’t earning money at the moment. Internet Marketers can try to use a different strategy to make things work for an old website and they will be minimizing the work since it’s already built and established. Basically, all they have to do now is to adopt an effective marketing campaign to make it work.

Build Another Website

Getting rid of a website that does not make money is not always the solution to the situation. For one, it doesn’t require much to renew a site. It will only cost you about $15 to $30 per year if you want to hold on to it in the meantime. And if you are subscribed to unlimited hosting anyway, keeping a non-functioning site will not cost you additional expenses.

You can try another approach to the fundamentals of Internet Marketing by building another site. If you are quite new to Internet Marketing, you can expect your first few attempts to be unsuccessful. You are still learning the procedures of the game, and maybe some of your strategies simply don’t work. Building a new website will allow you to start fresh so that you can apply new ideas and techniques to your new endeavor.

Keep Your Old Website as a Souvenir

Some people would also prefer to keep their old sites as a souvenir. It will be quite interesting to look at your old site when some of your new websites are already earning some money.

You can also refer to it constantly so that you will be reminded of the lessons you learned from the past. And who knows, even if the blog is not earning money right now, it can start to pick up earnings in the future.

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