Where to Sell PHP Scripts Online

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Electronic commerce, or simply E-commerce, is widely popular due to its convenience to customers. Most people prefer buying or selling products via websites or online marketplaces since it is more beneficial to both parties. There is a wide variety of goods being sold via the internet such as clothes, food, cars, used items, and many more. One of the popular items available on the net is codes for websites that business-owners use for their own online marketplaces. PHP is one of the most popular programming languages and is used by many online sites.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor and is an open-source scripting language that allows site owners to create an interactive website. It allows you to customize your website by letting you create, write or delete files on your website, send and receive cookies, add or remove data on your website, and even restricts some users to certain pages on your website.

Basically, it lets you do whatever you want on your own website to suit your needs.

As stated before, PHP is being sued by many active online sites. It is so powerful that it is used by the most popular blogging system, WordPress, and the largest social network, Facebook.

Will I make money by selling PHP Scripts?

Of course! With the development of online marketplaces and blogging through the years, many owners have put their businesses online. Many have found that selling their items online is much easier since the cost is much lesser and the items are more exposed to buyers via the internet. But to sell your item, it is important to have a site where you can put up your item for sale.

This is where PHP scripts come in handy. With the use of PHP scripts, owners can make their own website and customize it to their liking. With the large number of owners wanting to make their own website, you will surely find a buyer for your PHP script.

Where can I sell my PHP Scripts?

There are many online marketplaces where you can sell your PHP scripts. Here are some of the reputable websites that allow you to advertise your scripts.


Codecanyon is one of the most popular online marketplaces for codes and scripts. It is under Envato, a private company that is behind several online marketplaces as well as tutorials for developers. Due to the backing of the name “Envato”, Codecanyon is one popular online marketplace.


Hotscripts is another reputable online store for anything programming-related items.

Its ultimate goal is to provide you with an online shop that has the highest quality programming items. You will surely find a buyer here who’ll want your unique scripts.


Codebasket.net is a new online marketplace for everything tech and web-related items. Codebasket aims to provide a one-stop-shop for buyers and sellers alike. Thus, the traffic to this website is high. As long as you genuinely own a code or script, Codebasket will allow you to put it up on sale for everyone to see. In no time, you will surely find a customer for your PHP script.

The popularity of PHP scripts in website-making has grown hugely primarily due to its non-complexity and easy-to-customize codes. This had been noted by many developers thus there is a wide list of PHP scripts being sold online in the many marketplaces for everything tech and web-related items online.

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