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Writing an article for your blog can be a really difficult task
and sometimes time-consuming. Most bloggers however would prefer to write their blog contents in a fast-paced manner because time is of the essence and they must always update their blog site to make it more interactive and up to date. Despite the need to write content fast, you need to make sure that quality is not compromised to ensure that your blog’s reputation is not affected. Most bloggers would like to finish an article in as little as 20 minutes but then again they can’t because of quality issues. To help bloggers out there write high-quality content articles in as little as 20 minutes, here are some things to follow.

Gather Information on the Topic

If you’re writing an article on a particular topic, the first step is to gather relevant information. Collecting data is not difficult. You can visit websites and blogs to learn about your chosen topic. If you’re writing about something you’re already familiar with, that is a plus factor.

Bookmark all the links and then have a look at them so as to understand the whole gist. Once you’re done with the relevant research, it will be easy to write the article in less than half an hour unless of course, your website is taking too much time to load.

Write an Introductory Paragraph

After doing research about the topic, start writing it. If you are writing a 500 words long document, you should write an introduction of about 120 words. You should make sure that your introduction is brief and well written. Another important thing is to make sure that the introduction is catchy enough to convince the readers to read through your article till the end. If the introduction of your article is not well written or compelling, readers will stop reading it even if they haven’t reached half of your article.

Use Bullets or Subheadings

After writing a good introduction of 120 words, you should choose few headings to explain the topic further. As you have written 120 introductory words, you’re left with only a few words to hit your target word count.

Now you should formulate subheadings or bullets. Write more or less 100 words for each bullet or subheading. Make sure to write valuable information and stay away from writing fluff. You can use your bookmarked sites to refresh and give you a depth understanding of what you’re writing about.

Write a Conclusion

After writing bullet points or subheading contents, write your concluding paragraph until you reached your word count. After you have reached your word count, you should see if further information is required. If you don’t think that further stuff is needed, stop writing.

Proofread Your Article

After writing a great conclusion, try to proofread your work. In this way, you will be able to fix any grammar or spelling errors. If you leave mistakes and errors in your content, this could degrade the quality and reputation of your website.

When writing an article, always make sure to do your research so that you can write something useful in a fast-paced manner. Word stuffing to hit your word count limit is not recommended. Follow these simple steps and you will surely find no problem writing a good quality article in less than an hour.

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